Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What I've Been Reading :: Late Summer 2015

I feel like I read more than this...didn't I get through more books than this in the last few months?  Didn't I always have something sitting on my side of the bed waiting for me?  Well, fall is (not quite officially) here, and I'm ready to reinvest in more book time--and keeping better track of it!  Here's what I got through since July-ish...

I Know How She Does It :: Laura Vanderkam

I am really interested in Ms. Vanderkam's work, but since her advice is for the $100k+ crowd it is sometimes hard for the common layperson to put into practice (I don't have the funds for a cleaning lady, child care, flexible scheduling...).  It's probably just me, but it then sometimes comes off as grating.  That said, I loved the ideas of the time mosaic (fitting the tiles of your life/schedule in such a way to accomplish everything), that certain tasks (like cleaning) expand to the time you allow them, and that you really can claim time for things you care about--just by being brave enough to do them.

Hand to Mouth :: Linda Tirado

First-hand look at life on the edge between having enough and not.  Justified and well-written (only a little rant-y) and definitely made me put on a brighter face for service workers.

To Kill a Mockingbird :: Harper Lee

I finished this novel-of-the-semester for tenth grade in one weekend (my teacher wasn't sure what to do with me after that...).  Why, oh why, did I wait over ten years to reread it?!

Go Set a Watchman :: Harper Lee

There was a lot of buzz that quickly fizzled when this came out.  Maybe it should have never seen the light of day, but I'm glad it did.  Despite all the polishing it needed, the story of one's childhood hero crashing into mortality is...heartbreaking and bolstering all at once.  I'm so glad that her editor sent her back to write TKM, but I wish that Miss Lee would have been able to develop this one into a real gem, too.

More than Happy: the Wisdom of Amish Parenting :: Serena Miller

It's been several years since I've read an Amish novel, but I very much enjoyed this author's nonfiction look at how the Amish parent their children.  I was surprised (and happy!) at how similar my own parenting is; I guess the major difference comes down to how you interpret and where you draw the line with "be in the world but not of it."  Good read.

Winnie-the-Pooh :: A.A. Milne

I read Pookie this one when she was just two...needless to say, she enjoyed it much more this time around.  And when we read it again down the road when Champ is bigger, I'm sure she (and Zaboo) will enjoy it all the more. :)

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