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Holding Pookie, Easter 2011
When I was five, I decided I would write a book someday.  I don't remember where I was or why I thought about it, but I never forgot.

After years of schooling and essay writing, I still could not come up with a story idea that would work as a novel.  Then my pastor spent a year preaching out of the book of Acts.

Do you know how many stories are contained there?  About real people with real, full lives of problem and conflict and joy?  Most of these souls get two verses to sum up everything they did, but there is always more to a person's life than what history remembers.

Happy birthday, Pook!
I struggle sometimes to really read my Bible, to study it, ponder it, and apply it to my day-to-day living.  I hope in my writing to bring the stories of my brothers and sisters in Christ to life, even though I can only hypothesize and fictionalize what I think they were like.  I hope always to honor my Lord and Savior in these endeavors and to encourage others with my words.

Aside from writing, I love to read--mostly non-fiction at the moment but the tides are turning back toward fiction.  I watch TV, mostly my favorites in loop (except weekdays at 5 when you can almost always find Curious George on our TV, courtesy of our local PBS station and my George-centric toddler), but it works for me.  I enjoy taking Pookie to the park for picnics and playtime.  My husband is my very best friend, and we while away many, many hours dreaming of a small farm of our own one day...when we get past the trial that is pursuing his PhD.

Lastly, you should know that I am a sinner.  That even though I am imperfect, damaged, broken, Jesus Christ loves me enough that He died for me...and then He defeated death to free me from myself and my sin.  You can hear about that more specifically in my testimony video or comment or email me with questions.  I love to talk about the work He has done--and is still doing--in my life.

Thank you so much for visiting my website; I hope you have been blessed!

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