Friday, August 10, 2012

5MF: Connect

Five Minute Friday

I'm linking up to 5 Minute Fridays, a weekly writing prompt shared among all bloggers who participate.  This week's theme is connect.  You can find out all about it here.


Connect.  Fellowship.  Friendship.  When you've pulled up your roots from home and feel like a tumbleweed, these can be dirty words.

Growing up, it was easy to connect with anyone: I had a big mouth and lots of time.  As an adult, it's tough to find five minutes in a person's schedule to chat, let alone an hour for coffee...or a few for dinner.

And I will admit we haven't tried as hard as we could.  Professor and I are just rolling through, getting a PhD so we can go onto the next place for some post-doc work, and then a final destination after that.  Why work so hard to leave people behind in the in-between?

"...and love your neighbor as yourself."

Oh, right.  We are called to connect, to reach out, to support, to love on those around us.  It doesn't matter what I want or that I get frustrated when our efforts aren't reciprocated.

Jesus gives no qualifiers.  No ifs.  Just do it.

Just thinking this way reminds me of some kids I promised ice cream and a family I've been meaning to get back to about a get-together.  It is my job to connect, to love, no matter how uprooted I may feel.

Even tumbleweeds roll into other things.



  1. wow! i love your post. i am visiting from 5 minute fridays - the post right after yours. our life kinda revolves around community - we oversee and pastor a house of prayer. and yet, i still find it so hard to have a real connection with people because it does take effort and it does take time - time a limited commodity. keep reaching out - it is worth it. (reminding myself too!) thanks for what you wrote. very encouraging to me this morning.

    my recent post: did you look into their eyes today?

    1. Thanks for visiting, Charis--and for the encouragement! I've let hospitality slide with this pregnancy, but I think it's high time I start inviting people over again...

  2. You're exactly right.

    We are called to connect, however we seldom make time for these connections.

    Life will be extremely lonely if we become too busy to find time for these meaningful interactions.

    I'm visiting from Five Minute Friday. Thank you so much for this reminder.

    ~Heather Bowen

    1. "Life will be extremely lonely if we become too busy to find time for these meaningful interactions."

      Amen, Heather!


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