Monday, August 6, 2012

The moves!

I've had a "Work in Progress" word count tool in my sidebar for ages.

{photo source}

And it's been at zero.  For ages.

But, not anymore!  As August drew near, I decided that WIP needed more than just good needed a swift kick in the pants.

I've blogged before about schedules and plans and such, but I dreamed up those things before being pregnant.  And before the Crazy Heat began.  And before the terrible twos descended upon us.

I'm taking this manuscript process slow; my goal is 500 words/weekday, plus another 1000 on the Saturdays I get to leave home and write (obligations are starting to crowd out these precious blocks of time, but I'll still try to do my best).

My wordcounts will go up on Twitter and Facebook to help keep me accountable.  Hopefully I have a finished draft before this baby enters the world!


  1. Good luck, I am rooting for you! I think 500/week day is a realistic goal with little ones in tow!

    1. Thanks, Sara! Already I lost a day because of goofy nap's a good thing that 500 words is easy to make up over a day or two. :D


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