Monday, March 14, 2016

I am not a blogger

Catch as catch can.  That's how I would describe my "course of study" for the past several years: a book about this, a handful of articles about that, three books on subjects X, Y, and Z.  My belly is full of information, random facts swirling and drifting aimlessly.

Broad but shallow.

Don't get me wrong, sampling has its purposes, its seasons.  But now, I don't need broad and shallow; I need narrow and deep, like a well, like diving deep deep deep into a well.  Water that is as fresh and new as possible, metallic on the tongue, nearly dripping with iron and minerals.

I'm going back to the well, hopefully with something to say when I come back up for air.  It won't be a blog; I've realized I just don't have the makeup for it--which is okay, good even.  But I will have something to say, and hopefully it is just as refreshing to others as it is to me.
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