Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cat's Out of the Bag...

Yep.  So all that vague, weird "health stuff" I've been rambling about?  The stuff that has left me exhausted and miserable and unable to string five words together in a pleasant, novel-y manner?  Morning sickness.

But God is so good!  We're having another baby!!  The Mr. and I are beyond thrilled and feel incredibly blessed to usher another little life into our family.

And God's timing is so perfect: the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad morning sickness?  All but vanished the day before I had planned to start potty training the Pookster.

Oh, and we're due on Christmas day.

But enough of the lovey-dovey stuff...now that my brain has come back online, I'd like to share a few Second Pregnancy Funnies...

1. KFC.  First craving!  I hadn't seen the Colonel--or tasted his chicken--since high school.  Then I saw the stuff on TV and couldn't stop talking about it.  The hubster okayed a night of fried chickeny goodness and I.pigged.out, felt oh-so-full and satisfied, left everything on the table so I could go lay on the couch and rub my belly in triumph.

An hour later, I walked toward the kitchen...and stopped dead in my tracks.

"Honey," I whined, my face pale.  "Could you put that chicken away?  The stink of it is making me sick."

My how quickly the tables turn...

2. By the end of the day, I'm already pulling the hair-tie-in-the-button-loop trick...even though I haven't put on any weight.  First pregnancy?  I put on 15 POUNDS in the first trimester but wore my jeans all the way to the third trimester.  Different strokes...

3.  Midnight pee sessions.  Followed by a drink of water.  Maybe a snack.  And maybe another pee.

4.  I was so very, very tired there for a while.  I thought it was far worse than the last time, but my husband says I just don't remember.  He remembers how I slept evenings away on the couch...and he was totally ready to catch up on playing Civ IV while listening to sports talk radio.

He says it's exactly like the first pregnancy...except we have a better computer.

5.  Early on, I had some concerning pain and had to have an internal ultrasound.  I wish that torture on no one--not even my greatest enemy (if I had one?).  Not even the most heinous of novel villains.

Do you have a funny pregnancy (past, present, somebody else) story to share?  I'd love to hear it!


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!! That is so very exciting. Having two little kiddos is amazing.

    Here's a crazy story, I call it the Gyro Saga, for you http://www.sweetkissesanddirtydishes.com/2011/01/gyro-saga.html.

    1. Thanks, Debra! We're super excited!

      That story is hilarious, by the way...I've never had to work that hard to fulfill a craving, but it sounds like your gyros were definitely worth it! And now that I'm thinking about gyros, the restaurant in town with great ones also has a spot in the food court at the mall. And we were planning on going to the mall tonight, anyway. Hmm... ;)


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