Thursday, September 25, 2014

On Being a Neuron {Romans 8:1-4}

I heard a great thought in a podcast the other day.  The idea was that we look around at the body of believers and see talents like preaching, teaching, evangelizing abroad, ministering through meals, giving--we look at all these things and wonder what's the matter with us.  Why am I not doing all of those things?

Then the speaker went a step further, explaining that we try to be a hand and a foot and an eye and...all kinds of parts, all at once.


In this season of life, with little people (and another on the way) forever underfoot, I don't feel like a foot for the cause of Christ.  I don't feel like a hand or an eye or even a nose.  Yes, it is important to raise these little people, but it feels so small.

So maybe small is good.  And do you know what is small?

A neuron.

Our thoughts and memories are stored in neurons.  I cannot go and serve the way I might wish, but I can use my thoughts and memories wherever I am.

I've taken on the challenge of memorizing Romans 8.  By baby's arrival.  I have an image in my head now of holding baby and whispering the words of that deep well of truth into his or her tiny ear.

I'm through verse five as of today (though you'll only hear through verse four below).  Will you keep me accountable?

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