Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Platform to Meet in the Middle

I mentioned previously that when we create art or stories or homes or what have you, we also create a platform for the Gospel, an opportunity to share the salvation we have in Christ.

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Do your hands rain sweat at the thought of preaching in the street?  Do you clam up when you see the opportunity to steer a conversation toward Jesus, particularly with someone you don’t know well?

I am right there with you: the status quo is far more pleasant.  Chit chat and small talk with acquaintances, nods of acknowledgement to people on the street.  That’s as far as I comfortably step out of my shell.

And then I started writing a book, a novel with its plot lifted right from the book of Acts.  To keep myself accountable, I told everybody I came in contact with that “I’m writing a book,” “Well, this book I’m working on,” “Say, have I mentioned I’m writing a book?”

After being bombarded with the news, friends, family, moms at the library, the checkout guy at the grocery store all asked the natural next question: “What’s it about?”  

To tell them about my book, I couldn’t not tell them about Jesus.

I had to tell them how perilous life was for my main character just after Jesus’ death and resurrection.  I had to tell them how Jesus changed the hearts of my characters…and how heart-wrenching it was when characters walked away.

So far, these conversations haven’t led to conversions.  No one has asked me to pray with them, study the Bible with them, or where I go to church.


People have listened and without running away.  No one has turned away or reached for a topic change, which leads me to believe that creative work that points to Christ can open doors to share the Gospel in a way that makes both parties more respectful and less defensive.

A lot of people are turned off by street preaching.  A lot of Christians are afraid to do street preaching.  Why not meet in the middle?

P.S. I have tremendous respect and appreciation for those who can stand up and witness among total strangers, ministering to the world in a much-needed way, but I also recognize that it's not something God calls everyone to do.

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  1. Congratulations on your book, Michelle! It sounds like you're living what you preach. :)


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