Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Pleasure of Work

Over the weekend, we took a road trip back home to enjoy a hotel stay with my extended family, a time to catch up, swim, pig out on yummy snacks, and just generally relax.

And those are lovely, lovely things.  Things that I often wish I could be doing or try to fit into my day (well, except swimming...not much of a swimmer!) because they seem so much more pleasant than work.

In our society, television and internet and games and apps and media of all sorts are touted as pleasurable, fun things and though it is never said outright, the idea is that they are so wonderful that they should take up more and more of our time.

But do they bring true joy?

Yesterday, I had probably thirty different internet tabs open.  There were recipes, articles about how to write effective blog posts (how'm I doing so far?), op-eds, and so on.  All sorts of goodies I wanted to catch up on.

And then there was this blue binder full of manuscript and pile of notecards calling my name.

Binder = work. Tabs of fun pages = pleasure. ...right?

But then I dove in, surveying a chapter, writing my notecard, making additional notes.  Oh, it feels good to have that figured out...maybe I need to do another...

I'm not going to say that I zoomed through my work singing "Heigh ho, heigh ho," but the work got done.  Sure, a few of those tabs got enjoyed/devoured/read/watched during that time, but the work got done.

And I was happy for it.

There is pleasure in work if we labor (ha!) to find it.  Here's to hoping you find yours today!

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