Wednesday, May 30, 2012

But Wait, There's More

Yesterday, I was driving to the library (and Chipotle...the nausea is pretty well gone, but food is still unappealing.  So how does one get the proper nutrition and calories into a day when food just sounds blah?  A yummy, gorgeous burrito the size of my head!), and I heard it on the radio.

"Look at these hands at my side
They swallowed the grave on that nightWhen I drank the world's sinSo I could carry you inAnd give you life I want to give you life"
-Tenth Avenue North, "By Your Side"

This is a beautiful, poetic representation of what Jesus did on the cross.  But as I got wrapped up in that wondrous phrase "swallowed the grave that night," something whispered across my soul.

"But wait...there's more."

Because when my boyfriend-now-husband opened up a Bible on Halloween all those years ago and laid out the pure and simple gospel for me, all I was looking to answer was "How do I get to Heaven?"

It was a question no one in my growing up years could answer definitively.  It seemed our church had absolutes...except where the absolutes were trumped by other things.  There were centuries upon centuries of theology that weren't shared with the little guy so that the little guy interpreted things as he wished, cherry-picked beliefs and doctrines abounding.

I was swimming in a sea I couldn't navigate when all of the clutter was swept away by the simple truth that Jesus is God and He died for sin and rose again to redeem us to the Father.  It is breathtaking in its simplicity and mind-boggling in its mystery.

But wait...there's more.

It has taken years, but I've now realized (in a conscious way...perhaps I have known it longer in my heart) that Jesus has given me so much more when He opened my heart to the truth--because He opened it to the Word.

{photo source}

Where before my opinion was easily swayed by rhetoric, I now have something solid that informs my stance on every issue.

Where before I solved problems with whatever might work, I now have the ultimate conflict resolution manual at my fingertips.

Where before I wondered what to do with my life, I now have the Book that shows me how to do life--no matter where circumstance or choice takes me.

Where before I worried about being loved, I now know that my job on this earth is to love my neighbor without holding back, because I have already received the greatest Love there is.

So, yes, I have salvation.  Assurance of Heaven and enjoying God forever.  But there is more: the gift begins now; the Kingdom is at hand (John 3:2).

And what about you?  What do know now?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cat's Out of the Bag...

Yep.  So all that vague, weird "health stuff" I've been rambling about?  The stuff that has left me exhausted and miserable and unable to string five words together in a pleasant, novel-y manner?  Morning sickness.

But God is so good!  We're having another baby!!  The Mr. and I are beyond thrilled and feel incredibly blessed to usher another little life into our family.

And God's timing is so perfect: the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad morning sickness?  All but vanished the day before I had planned to start potty training the Pookster.

Oh, and we're due on Christmas day.

But enough of the lovey-dovey that my brain has come back online, I'd like to share a few Second Pregnancy Funnies...

1. KFC.  First craving!  I hadn't seen the Colonel--or tasted his chicken--since high school.  Then I saw the stuff on TV and couldn't stop talking about it.  The hubster okayed a night of fried chickeny goodness and I.pigged.out, felt oh-so-full and satisfied, left everything on the table so I could go lay on the couch and rub my belly in triumph.

An hour later, I walked toward the kitchen...and stopped dead in my tracks.

"Honey," I whined, my face pale.  "Could you put that chicken away?  The stink of it is making me sick."

My how quickly the tables turn...

2. By the end of the day, I'm already pulling the hair-tie-in-the-button-loop trick...even though I haven't put on any weight.  First pregnancy?  I put on 15 POUNDS in the first trimester but wore my jeans all the way to the third trimester.  Different strokes...

3.  Midnight pee sessions.  Followed by a drink of water.  Maybe a snack.  And maybe another pee.

4.  I was so very, very tired there for a while.  I thought it was far worse than the last time, but my husband says I just don't remember.  He remembers how I slept evenings away on the couch...and he was totally ready to catch up on playing Civ IV while listening to sports talk radio.

He says it's exactly like the first pregnancy...except we have a better computer.

5.  Early on, I had some concerning pain and had to have an internal ultrasound.  I wish that torture on no one--not even my greatest enemy (if I had one?).  Not even the most heinous of novel villains.

Do you have a funny pregnancy (past, present, somebody else) story to share?  I'd love to hear it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Interview and Giveaway!

I may have been radio-silent around these parts for the last couple of weeks, but I'll be back next week with exciting stuff.  Promise.

In the meantime, you should head over to Sweet Kisses and Dirty Dishes!  Debra recently interviewed me and asked some great questions, plus starting tomorrow she's giving away a copy of my book!  (And after you're there poke around her blog--her kids are too cute!)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grace for the Ambitious Girl


Some time ago, I posted about my writing schedule.

Shortly thereafter, that schedule went out the window.

This spring has been one thing after another: debilitating seasonal allergies, a pinched nerve that left me with numb fingers, overnight guests, a toddler gone AWOL...

It's been a trying season, but I've still felt guilty for not sticking with my plans.

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps {Proverbs 16:9}.

Have I left God out of this equation?  Have I forgotten to seek His face in this?  I believe I have; my prayers have always been for the energy to get through my tasks or for the burden at hand to be lifted.

I haven't taken time to give Him my plans.

So here are some changes happening in the Jorgenson household...

1. A New "Schedule"
I've started napping during Pookie's naptime; it's been a big help.  But when I wake up, it's difficult to hop right into writing mode.  Instead, I'm moving writing time to her TV time and in the morning before everyone's up.  It's not quite as much time, but the time crunch just might make me more productive.

2. Goals Instead of Minutes
You know, when I have thirty minutes to "edit," a little might get done or a lot might get done.  But if my goal for today is to "edit chapter 27," then I know I will get that done (or at least do everything I can to reach the mark!).

3. Mercy for the Tough Days
Today is a miserable allergy day--the second in a row with a sleepless night between them.  Touching my manuscript might do more harm than today it's soup, tissues, and cuddling with the Pookster.

4. Above All, Prayer
Numb fingers are scary and definitely a reason to go earnestly to the Lord.  You know what's another?  Absolutely. everything.  My prayer life is all peaks and valleys; it's time to start climbing a long, tall mountain and sticking to the climb.

So those are the changes here.  I wish I were more productive these days, but the Lord is showing me some wonderful and exciting things as I draw near to Him--and they're worth all the progress in the world.  And now, Sesame Street is over and there's a toddler looking for a cuddle...
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