Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grace for the Ambitious Girl


Some time ago, I posted about my writing schedule.

Shortly thereafter, that schedule went out the window.

This spring has been one thing after another: debilitating seasonal allergies, a pinched nerve that left me with numb fingers, overnight guests, a toddler gone AWOL...

It's been a trying season, but I've still felt guilty for not sticking with my plans.

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps {Proverbs 16:9}.

Have I left God out of this equation?  Have I forgotten to seek His face in this?  I believe I have; my prayers have always been for the energy to get through my tasks or for the burden at hand to be lifted.

I haven't taken time to give Him my plans.

So here are some changes happening in the Jorgenson household...

1. A New "Schedule"
I've started napping during Pookie's naptime; it's been a big help.  But when I wake up, it's difficult to hop right into writing mode.  Instead, I'm moving writing time to her TV time and in the morning before everyone's up.  It's not quite as much time, but the time crunch just might make me more productive.

2. Goals Instead of Minutes
You know, when I have thirty minutes to "edit," a little might get done or a lot might get done.  But if my goal for today is to "edit chapter 27," then I know I will get that done (or at least do everything I can to reach the mark!).

3. Mercy for the Tough Days
Today is a miserable allergy day--the second in a row with a sleepless night between them.  Touching my manuscript might do more harm than good...so today it's soup, tissues, and cuddling with the Pookster.

4. Above All, Prayer
Numb fingers are scary and definitely a reason to go earnestly to the Lord.  You know what's another?  Absolutely. everything.  My prayer life is all peaks and valleys; it's time to start climbing a long, tall mountain and sticking to the climb.

So those are the changes here.  I wish I were more productive these days, but the Lord is showing me some wonderful and exciting things as I draw near to Him--and they're worth all the progress in the world.  And now, Sesame Street is over and there's a toddler looking for a cuddle...

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