Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving 14/30: The Felonious Ham

Oh, friends.  I was thrilled when I found this coupon in my Facebook feed:

It was just too good, and I knew it would make the Thanksgiving list.  And with a church Thanksgiving fellowship coming up, I signed up to bring a ham--which I knew I could get for right around $10 at ALDI.

It would be a Thanksgiving miracle: free ham for my church!  The Lord hath smiled upon us.

At the register, I handed over my coupon with glee.  "I was so excited to find this coupon!  ALDI never has them, so..."

And then.  The cashier sighed.

"These are actually a scam."

My heart plummeted.  And then it shot back up and started racing: I was a coupon fraud!

The cashier explained that the company had decided to honor the coupon rather than face disgruntled customers, so my ham was still free.

And free is good, and free fits my budget...but I still felt like a criminal.

So, there you go, Faith Baptist Church: on Sunday you'll be eating a free, felonious ham.  And you'd better be thankful for it!

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