Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes for Friday

Plenty of bloggers do Friday's 7 Quick Takes as a nice way to wrap up the week.  I'm doing them because I utterly lack inspiration.1

1. If you come to my house, come with a poop joke.  Pookie will be your BFFft (Best Friend Forever...for today; her best friend changes on a daily basis, though more frequently if TV or going to church are involved.  Don't know any poop jokes?  Well, just work the word into a sentence where it doesn't really belong and wait for the unending giggles.

2. Henceforth, Scrunch will be known on this blog as Zaboo.  I was too hasty to use that nickname on the interwebs; it only lasted a week in real life.  Maybe that's why in some parts of the world they wait a year to name their kids?

3. Speaking of Zaboo, chairs are no longer safe in my house.  She has learned that there are interesting things on the counters.  And the only way to get to those interesting things--like knives, food (that she may or may not be allergic to), hot things on the stove--is to push a chair on over.  ^$@*&#!  Yay for more motivation to clean?

4. Professor's contract is in the mail.  That's right, folks, it's official: WE'RE GETTING OUT OF THIS APARTMENT!!!!  Whenever I want to cry or punch something over the idea of leaving the people I love here, I think about my fancy new apartment nestled among bamboo shoots and mature trees in a destination south of here, and I'm able to work through my Big Feelings.

5. I got a drastic hair cut.  I was going for less drastic than this, but the friend I conned into going with me conned persuaded me to donate to Locks of Love.  Glad I did it, but it sure is shorter than I had planned...

6.  Work is ramping up.  I have a regular editing client...and they're ready to ramp up (read: TRIPLE!) my workload.  This is exciting (read: MONEY!) and frustrating (read: TIME?) as I haven't written a thing in what feels like weeks.  When I do have a minute or two, I have too many ideas but no will to get anywhere with them.  I took solace in these words from Sarah Mae on the Hidden Years.

7.  We took the week off of TV...sort of.  Pookie's attitude has been rather heated and whiny (particularly about getting to watch TV) lately, so I said we're not watching it this week.  Of course, she ended up watching it at Bible study, at a friend's house, and yesterday because it was raining, but she didn't watch Frozen, so her attitude was much better.  Meaning that Frozen is going to stay gone for a while, which is okay by me.  We haven't seen it in over a week and I still have all the songs stuck in my head!

Happy weekend, dear reader!

1 Have I mentioned this blog is all about transparency?

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