Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Twitterature :: October 2014

Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy hosts a monthly link-up for sharing casual, tweet-sized book reviews.  Here's what I've been reading in September and October

All Joy and No Fun :: Jennifer Senior

I enjoyed Senior's TED talk, so when I saw her related book on the library shelf, I snatched it.  For somebody feeling tossed about in the winds of parenting, I can see where this would be a very reassuring read.  Interesting anecdotes and comparisons throughout, but I think I liked the abbreviated TED talk better.

Peace Like a River :: Leif Enger

Beautiful novel.  A coming-of-age story with a hint of the spiritual.  A family's world is rocked by vengeance upon vengeance and the way those consequences play out is realistic, miraculous, heartbreaking, and beautiful all at once.

Someone Else's Love Story :: Joshilyn Jackson

I'd enjoyed a previous title by Jackson, so I took a gamble on this one.  Way more sex talk than I was bargaining for, but the story was interesting enough to keep me hooked (even if it meant skipping a bit here and there).  Man and woman cross paths during a convenience store robbery, changing their lives in more ways than might be expected.

The Mysterious Benedict Society :: Trenton Lee Stewart

Orphans called by a secret society to thwart the evil plots of a secretive evildoer, intent on world domination through controlling all people's thoughts.  Fun juvie-fiction pick; I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

City of Ember :: Jeanne DuPrau

An underground city meant to save humanity has lost one of its most important secrets: instructions for when their 200 year stint underground is meant to be over.  A pair of youngsters must battle the establishment and the clock to find a way to save their city.  It took a major thunderstorm on library day to get between me and the next installment--but that will be solved soon enough!

I'm not sure if it's the fall or my increased workload of rather dry material, but I found myself reaching for fiction over and over...with no end to the story spree in sight.  Any favorite page-turners you can recommend would be greatly appreciated!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

It's a... {plus Romans 8:1-8}

It took ages to get an OB appointment after our move.  I was 24 weeks along by the time I finally got to see a doctor, and going into the appointment I didn't have high hopes of getting an ultrasound for another month.  Another month of waiting and wondering: girl or boy?

Dear reader, in Arkansas, they love themselves some ultrasounds.  They had a mini one on a cart that they rolled on in, bedside, smack in the middle of my appointment.

Is the suspense killing you?

Well, here we go...we're having a...


Professor was so sure for so long that he'd have all girls, but this pregnancy felt so different, I was not at all surprised.  A baby boy.  We couldn't be more thrilled.

But do you know what else is thrilling?  Romans 8.  {How's that for a transition?}

I listened to this sermon by John Piper the other day.  The first fifteen minutes are solid Bible recitation.  He then talks about nine reasons to memorize Scripture.  It's very, very good and worth listening to while you fold laundry (or mindlessly play Facebook games because it's your day off.  Not that I went that route...) or something like that.  So, so good.

And then there's me.  I've gotten through verse 8.  Please forgive the bobble in the middle; it doesn't usually happen but between the camera staring at me and the buttered butterknife that a little person pressed up against my foot mid-recitation...I got a bit distracted.  {And all that detritus on the counter and desk in the background?  That's called real life, baby!}

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