Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Your home is so beautiful"

Little House on the Prairie
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It's back: house envy.

I go through bouts of severe house envy from time to time; after ten days back home where everybody owns their own place, it was bound to set in.  Add in the fact that a younger cousin of mine just bought a house (a government-owned foreclosure selling for next to nothing), and my green-eyed monster has me sulking.

Owning a home makes no sense for us now (we'll certainly be moving when the Professor finishes his PhD), but...oh how we long for a place of our own, grass to dig our toes into and claim, walls to paint, maintenance to do.  All of our daydream conversations revolve around our "someday" farm and property; sometimes it just feels so far away that it might never happen.

But God knew I would have this struggle.  That's why he sent my Indian friend, P, for a visit before my trip.

She gasped when she crossed the threshold, and it took her a full minute before she said anything.

"Your home is so beautiful."  She said it over and over again, wide-eyed and open-mouthed as I gave her the 30 second tour of our 750 square feet.  P noticed every picture on the wall, every knick knack (impressive as there aren't many...clutter makes me crazy), every touch I had added to hide the fact that our walls and carpet are bland, builder beige.

Our daughters got down to playing, swapping baby dolls and smiling shyly at one another.  I asked P about this and that, and while she answered my questions, she wasn't fully engaged in the conversation.  She was luxuriating in the splendor of my apartment.And so, even while I long for colorful walls and a real washing machine, I am trying harder to be content and to praise God for what he has given me.

A larger-than-your-average-apartment kitchen.
Space in the closet for a portable washing machine.
Nice living room furniture, a wedding gift.
The most comfortable bed.
The space and ability to hang our favorite art and photos.
A just-the-right-size bathroom.
Shelves full of books.
Sufficient closet space.
Uncluttered (mostly) surfaces that make the whole place look bigger.
A garage for our rather needy car.  (And a car at all!)
A family to love, serve, and live for.
And for God Himself, who is there no matter my housing situation.

If I can put aside my envy at what others have and enjoy what He has been faithful to give me in the here and now...then anything bigger/nicer/fancier/better than this will be just gravy.


  1. Isn't it beautiful when He shows up with grace and mercy to remind us that He is all we need? Great post!

  2. I love your perspective and attitude. It is amazing how much we as women long for a home sometimes. I am glad that while you wait for a permanent home (heaven, of course, and a permanent home here on earth) that you can find rest in your current space. Thanks for finding my blog through the link up today!


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