Monday, March 4, 2013

If You Give a Michelle a Documentary

I posted this to my personal Facebook account and it was well-received; thought it was worth sharing here.  I'll be back with more information and my thoughts on Fair Trade chocolate soon, but in the meantime you can find more information and resources here.

If you give a Michelle a documentary, she will want to watch it.

When she watches it, she will learn of child trafficking (read: slavery) for the sake of chocolate.

When she next goes to the grocery store, she will scour the place for Fair Trade (read: non-slave labor) chocolate. She will find one brand, scoff at the price, but buy it anyway because the price is worth the integrity of the food.

When she sneaks a bit from the cupboard, her toddler will see. She will give the toddler a nip of chocolate.

When the toddler is still awake at 4AM, she will remember that high quality chocolate and this particular toddler don't do well together.

When the toddler is still crabby the next day and the baby won't stop crying, she will reach for the chocolate again.

Her husband will stop her and say, "Maybe the caffeine in the chocolate is making the baby fussy?"

There will then be weeping and gnashing of teeth from the Michelle of such ugly proportions, her husband will send her out of the house for some air.

When she goes out of the house, she will inevitably end up at the grocery store (she is a mother, after all).

When she is at the grocery store, she will look for a treat.

When she finds the Ben and Jerry's, she will notice for the first time that there is a Fair Trade seal on every. single. pint.

The Michelle will then do a happy dance around a pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and bring it home.

When she gets home, she will want to eat her new found treat.

And chances are, when she has her treat, she will want to watch a documentary to go with it.

Buy integrity, buy Fair Trade!

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