Thursday, December 26, 2013

I don't need a week at the beach


I have realized the perfect formula.  For what?  For feeling renewed, energized, and centered as a person.  And it only took a trip halfway across the country to realize it.

I was becoming vaguely aware of this formula for months, but it wasn't until I followed through with the formula while on vacation and thought, "Hmm...after this perfect hour and a half away by myself, I would be totally content to go back to my children and household duties and the general chaos of doing life together."

An hour and a half.  Not the whole weekend.  Not long hours spent soaking in the sun on the beach.  Not fourteen straight hours of sleep to make up for lost time after a year with baby.  Just a simple hour and a half laid out just right.

Now, I must warn you: you're a different person.  This may not be helpful to you in the slightest.  Sorry about that.  But, on the other hand, maybe it'll get you thinking about what you really enjoy and what you don't.  I used to think I had to like what other women like when they get away--shop or get coffee or get a manicure--which is silly, because we're all unique.

Anyway, you're dying to know just what my perfect getaway is, aren't you?  Good!  I'll tell you!

What is it about walking that clears out the mental cobwebs?  While reading Distraction Addiction, I learned that Charles Darwin went to great lengths to install and maintain a walking path at his country estate; while living (and walking) there, he was exceedingly prolific, including the publication of seventeen books.  Darwin not to your taste?  Then try Beethoven, C.S. Lewis, Tchaikovsky, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin...all walkers, all prolific, creative, and brilliant.  I might never be any of those things, but at least I'll get my legs stretched out.

Treat Eating
Is there any need to explain this one?  I like to eat.  I typically go for a diet pop and something sweet.  Enough said.

I bring along whatever I'm reading--fiction or non-fiction--and my Bible.  I read a bit of both while enjoying my treat, but since reading isn't my main goal, I don't spend a huge amount of time with my nose in my book (unless it's getting really good!)

Lots of daydreaming happens on these outings--LOTS--especially since I've had a good walkabout and plenty of time to think.  I open a notebook, brain dump, and then start making sense of what's spilled out.  Sometimes I work out whole sections of a project, reorganize my schedule, or draft a new-and-improved housekeeping plan...and sometimes I just add a few new ideas to my file.  Either way, I get a lot of nervous energy and mental clutter on paper, so I feel light as a feather on my walk home (despite a belly full of pastry).

And that's it.  Simple, maybe boring to an outsider, but extremely satisfying for me.  I'd love to hear from you: how do you recharge your batteries?

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